Eclipse Phase - Black Swan Theory


Issue at hand: Europhora Settlement (asteroid in the Kuiper belt, owned and operated by the hypercorp Kalibird Pty Ltd) ceases to send or receive communications or Mesh access overnight, effectively ‘going dark’. This follows spatial defence platform footage and long range detection of likely pirate ships. Video feed attached:

Video Feed from Europhora

Response: A combined Oversight/Direct Action covert ops team will be inserted via egocasting to a nearby asteroid in order to gather intelligence. Admiral Yogorivich of the Planetary Consortium Navy will liase with Direct Action in order to provide two stealth frigates and a cruiser sometime over a month out as backup in case the situation is more dire than expected.

Two months later, on Metternick Station:
Security chief Hank Erdhart is called in to a meeting with the station’s director, Samson Rhyder. Rhyder explains that there is an emergent issue: the system rider Clarke’s Endeavour has sent a distress call on narrow beam to Metternick, with the crew having been incapacitated due to a mystery contamination, shutting down all non-essential systems so as to give themselves a chance for a medical evacuation. Metternick Station’s AI, Mett, had run the numbers and there was far too high a probability of collision with either Metternick or one of Venus’s flying habs.

Unfortunately for Hank, he had to keep this under wraps as much as he could – no point in causing a panic, or worse, starting a greed-maddened rush for the probably quite dangerous derelict vessel. Calling upon his Firewall contact, a Venusian proxy known as ‘Ben’, he quickly arranged a team to be put together out of local Firewall agents passing through Metternick. Arranging a meeting with the Firewall operatives in the local Vive Bar, he put together his team:

Team in order and briefed, all set out to prep for the mission. Ilan and Mei gathered equipment, using the former’s connections and procurement skills and the latter’s expertise with military systems. Jay and Dakota, hit up the station’s Mesh in order to find out more about the ill-fated Clarke’s Endeavour, discovering that Metternick was its home port; the ship, under its captain Eric Quinn had left a year ago on a mineral expedition under the auspices of a Faldon Incorporated subsidiary, Outer Reach Explorations (ORE) and were only now drifting back. Hank, lastly, went about securing a ship for the team to be delivered out to the drifting survey rider; he signed on with freighter captain Alek Freamon, of the Jupiter’s Edge, in return for the services of his Firewall team on the journey out. Freamon, it turned out, was one of Eric Quinn’s closest associates, and was eager to do whatever he could to help his old friend.

The deal was struck – the Firewall team had transportation, equipment, and purpose. What they did not have was a lot of information. To combat this, in the couple of days before the Jupiter’s Edge would be ready to head out on its interception course, the team set out to learn all they could of the Clarke’s Endeavour – the captain’s situation, background, known associates and the like.

The trail of information led through Quinn’s financier, a Solaris Banker based out of a Venusian hab named Chloe Sanderson. She informed the team that Quinn had paid off his personal loans in full six months ago, and introduced them to Walks-Under-Seas, better known as ‘Walker’ – an octomorph engineer who had past connections with Quinn and wished to join the team.

Thus set up, the Firewall team returned to Metternick and made ready to set out, only for a pirate broadcast to hijack the local Mesh and reveal the existence and status of Clarke’s Endeavour to all aboard the station. The crisis had now become a race; the team had to reach the Endeavour ahead of any unscrupulous looters and learn what they could before diverting the vessel to a harmless course, or all hell could break loose.


Good update dude.


You may want to tag Chloe Sanderson with her character details as well.


I got bored and marked it up with Hyperlinks…


What’s the basis for the log title?


METT//STATion SECurity//CLARKE’s endeavour incident

Figuring it can be a basic mnemonic filing system, used as shorthand by muses/station AI.

Also holy crap you’ve been productive. Thanks for the editing job! :)


Good work Monteef, and good editing Broz. I’ll upload the video from the Cabinet Meeting.


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