Dakota Fei - Metternick Station

Comptech and AGI fangirl


Dakota Fei, a human, Earth born, arcology cable-rat. Dakota gives the impression of being somewhat naïve and innocent due to her youthful appearance and demeanour. She was born relatively close to the Fall, and is 28 years old.

Dakota wears a customised sylph morph, it is remarkably beautiful, with shoulder length black hair, and well proportioned features. Her pale Caucasian features and slim build hint at a potential frailty to her body. She stands at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs in the vicinity of 50 kilograms going by her frame. Her neck and hands indicate ghost wiring for easier mesh access and remote control, a sure sign that she’s a professional net security operative or at least is wearing one’s body.

She is married to Jay Falon

This Dakota is currently within the Inner Solar System alongside Jay Falon.

Dakota Fei - Metternick Station

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