Dr Hassan Anguiano

Planetary scientist and physicist


Hassan is an Indian born doctor, Rhodes Scholar and originally from Earth.

Dr Hassan Anguiano still wears the indian stock splicer that his name would imply, hinting that this may actually be his original morph or that he is proud enough of his heritage not to experiment with other sleeves. Hassan stands a short 5 feet 6 inches, and is of an average build. His morph has short black hair and he is clean shaven, giving him a youthful appearance. He has a worried expression on his face most of the time. His clothes consist of a rough puff jacket with high collar, dark pants and well worn steel capped boots.

He has a PhD in Geology and civil/material engineering from the University of Oxford. He has also completed a Fellowship at the University of New Mumbai (a Luna colony) but was not present when a TITAN virus attack resulted in the large arcology being levelled by fusion bombs as part of a scorched earth policy decision by the Lunar-Lagrange Alliance during the Fall years of transhumanity.

Dr Hassan Anguiano

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