Dr Il’voras Nor Relic

A medical doctor who aligns with the Argonaught socio-political movement


Il’voras (or Relic to her friends), is a cosmonik, essentially an over robotized cyborg who has, over time, replaced nearly all her body with synthetic parts. In fact if it weren’t for her mesh ID you wouldn’t be able to tell her original gender. She is cased in what could charitably be called a metal box with bulky legs and arms, much like an old fashioned EVA suit. Her input sensors are implanted in a smooth skull shaped ‘head’, with a large antennae where her right ear would be. She would easily weigh over 250kg and her frame is just over 7 feet. Her rough synthetic voice imitates a Polish accent.

A transhuman cosmonik who was born well before the Fall (currently 173 years old). Relic is a biological and cybernetic expert from the University of Warsaw (Doctorate in bio-cell identification, genetics, analysis and regeneration).

Dr Il’voras Nor Relic

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