Ibrahim Ibn Riyad Al-Malik


Ibrahim ibn Riyad al Malik is one of the better infosec/cyberwarfare specialists available for hire; he’s one of the very few that is not permanently attached to a corporation or external faction and will quite often take jobs on the cheap just because they’ve piqued his interest.

According to those who’ve worked with him, he never shows up ‘in person’, preferring instead to puppeteer a battered-looking arachnid morph for jobs, with an AR rig hooked up to project an image of his real, hidden away body to those who speak to him. The AR image of Ibrahim is of a well-built, dark-skinned man of probable Moorish ancestry, looking to be in his early thirties, with close-cropped hair and beard. Handsome, but otherwise unremarkable, showing a preference for loose-fit casual suits.

His arachnid synthmorph is hooked up with an expensive puppeteering program, as it’s extremely responsive, and has been customized for infiltration and wetwork. It’s about a metre long, 10-limbed, and armored a dark gunmetal grey with CF coating. Ibrahim shows a high degree of sophistication in combat with the morph, clearly having practiced using its multiple limbs – he can strike in melee with four at a time, the pneumatic limbs dealing massive damage, and at range has a concealed, articulated weapon mount built into the thorax containing a gyrostabilized, smartlinked railgun smg. The morph also has a high degree of maneuverability, able to switch from legs, to frictionless wheels, to vtol thrust, with the pneumatic limbs allowing a great deal of agility with free-running (huge leaps, etc).

He’s a fairly quiet, introverted individual – preferring to concentrate on the job rather than socialize. However, if drawn out, he speaks with great passion on his true love – painting and sculpture – and admits that while he deeply enjoys his work as a cyberwarfare specialist, he would prefer to be an artist.

Ibrahim Ibn Riyad Al-Malik

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