Clarke's Endeavour

Abandoned spaceship on an unknown mission. Currently docked near Metternick Station following retrieval.


Clarke’s Endeavour

The Clarke’s Endeavour is a small intrasolar relay ship or ‘rider’. Capable of decent speeds between moons system, it must rely on gravity sling shots and mass drivers to travel the distance between planets for any long distance. For long journeys across system a ‘rider’ may contain cryogenic storage facilities for the crew.

Research on the Clarke’s Endeavour:

The Endeavour was commissioned in BF 20 by a now defunct mining exploration consortium ‘Wayuun Minerals’. During the Fall the company went into administration and the Endeavour was appropriated by the holding company ‘First Bank of America’ and then on sold to the Solaris Hypercorporation. It has since been leased to dozens of companies.

Last recorded mission on public record logs was mineral exploration, departing Metternick station on 10 Feb AF8. Destination Unknown.

Crew number 13. Listed as:

Company Captain Eric Quinn
First Mate Matthew Trent
Medical Dr Mary McConnerhue
System Operators Dr Samantha Sadler
Winn Ellteb
Frank Asalt
Enginneers Illiaso Yipil
Lars Ferwreight
Oscar Urick
General crew Elren Adler
Yuri Silbar
Surveyors Wesley Opan
Phillip Green
Liz Parks


Clarke's Endeavour

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