Clarke's Crew Logs

A series of mysterious video and auditory logs from the crew of the Clarke’s Endeavour

The logs are dated 2 years old in ‘After Fall Year 8’ and each titled by the Crew Member’s Name. However, despite their number, the logs only give a cursory understanding of the Clarke’s mission.

15 February AF8 –LOGON Eric Quinn

This is Company Captain Quinn. We’ve departed Metternick and are now gaining sufficient delta V for rendevous with Pandora. The company has given us free reign on this one, just a straight exploration and mining survey of 628.9B until the probes are drained. Guess when you make a bumper profit you can take a few more rolls of the dice.

3 May AF8 –LOGON Mary McConnerhue

McConnerhue here on sleep watch. Crew is in safe cryo and Clarke is on track to system sector 73A. I’ve resuscitated Yuri due to abnormal brain readings while in sleep. His mesh implants may be causing issues again. If he has to sit the journey out it’d suck for him, we’re still 2 months away from the shepherd moon.

19 May AF8 –LOGON Mary McConnerhue

Yuri is complaining about headaches again, some kind of waking nightmares on occasion as well. I’d sedate him more but I’m afraid of the side effects. He isn’t responding to treatment and if anything if getting worse. Poor kid. I’m going to try a scan of his implants and see if there is something going on with the mesh inserts. I don’t know why though, they should be more or less inert if he’s switched to autistic mode.

21 May AF8 –LOGON Yuri Silbar

I see a ship. In my dreams, a ruby giant blazing across my mind, surrounded by refuse. I just want them to stop. These crazy dreams groan I don’t feel well. My head hurts sounds of sickness

22 May AF8 –LOGON Winn Elteb

What the fuck is going on with Yuri? Fucking acogs, why do we even let them come on these long trips? I can’t deal with this, McConnerhue is too soft on him. I’d shove him back into cryo until we hit port again but I’ve just been ordered to wake everyone. The ship’s detected a strange signal, could be salvage or if we’re real lucky –our own rock collision remnants. Certainly matches the readings. Anyway, company policy says I gotta file a report for early cryo waking without Captain authorisation and cause the Captain is snoozing like everyone else so be this report filed.

23 June AF8 –LOGON Eric Quinn

We’ve picked up something on ladar near the red giant, designated system sector 630.2H. Frank did the honours of calling the star ‘Tractis’. We’re pretty far in now, no records are available here so I’m taking some precautions. The gravity well of Tractics is huge and we won’t have enough fuel to slingshot out with precision if something goes wrong.

I’m altering the mission parameters here because Winn thinks we might have comet or asteroid rubble. The ping we get back is strangely distorted, faint but at this distance it’s notable. With the projected size and distance from the giant, the surveyors are projecting some serious mineral deposits. At least 80% raw. No probe can get close enough into the well without massive EMP issues so we’ll do a pass by and drop a beacon close enough to touch.

30 June AF8 –LOGON Command Centre

I want it recording this alright? muffled voices Sam, please repeat what you just said.
Eric, it isn’t an asteroid. It’s a fucking artificial. It’s huge, bigger than a comet itself.
Well looks like I owe Winn some serious bonus pay. Save the files and start transmitting standard arecibo welcome.
I can’t believe we’re actually going to use arecibo, it’s like an XP, like the movies, something you never think you’d actually be doing.
Cool the tempo Phil, it’s going to be a few hours until any potential reply gets back to us. Until then, approach slow and keep a good distance. Walker, if you could see me now…

Scanning Schematics:
Object in spatial orbit, designated name ‘USO 821’. Location 10AU from Tractis red giant. Rotation stable.

Structure constitutes two recognisable shapes. Cylinder approximately 54 kilometers in diameter. Two pylons, one centrally located (10 kilometers in length, width 5 kilometers), second pylon at 39 degrees, 10.4 kilometers by 2 kilometers).

Scanning disrupted within 1AU of 821’s surface. Reason unknown.

30 June AF8 –LOGON Command Centre TIME LAG +6 HOURS

Eric Quinn – Do you see that scar over her starboard side, she’s seen some serious action alright. Maybe they’re not able to respond.
Frank Asalt – Or no one is left to Captain, it’s weird. That’s a perfect lagrangian point from that jovian. I say we leave the salvage probe and come back later.
Winn Eltebb – Captain, I’m picking up a several blips on the radar, rapid velocity departing the object making for an escape trajectory.
Eric Quinn – Anything we recognise?
Winn Eltebb – Negative sir, some kind of dodecahedron shape is all I can say. The object’s disrupting effect is still playing havoc with the sensors.
Eric Quinn – Salvagers leaving the bones? Ok, my curiosity is roused. Frank, take us in close enough for the launch.

30 June AF8 TIME LAG +15 HOURS

LOGON Mary McConnerhue

Medical report. I’ve put Yuri back into cryo. The seizures and migraines had been getting worse and it seemed more humane given his condition and what’s going on.

30 June AF8 –LOGON Command Centre TIME LAG +23 HOURS

Elren Adler – We’re moving to the entry point. It’s like a cavern in here. Looks like our mysterious friends have been busy as well, I’m seeing a few port clamps in recent repair. Wait, I’m picking up movement. Shit, no it’s ok, it’s just one of the docking ports, it must have an automated feature.
Eric Quinn – Maintain radio contact, the disruption to sensors is still occurring so we won’t have a good reading on you after you enter the object proper.
Winn Ellteb – Sir, sir! I’m picking up multiple blips on radar. Range 300 clicks and closing.
Eric Quinn – What!? How did they get so close Sam?
Samantha Sadler – It looks like they slingshotted around Tractis and used the object’s sensor jamming as a shield. At least 5 of those geometic shapes, no 6, 7, shit. 5 of them and, 2 high velocity objects. I’m reading chemical properties, kinetics!
Eric Quinn – Missiles? Fuck. Elren get back to the launch and get ready to dock.
unrecognisable sound
Eric Quinn – Sam get the engines charged, we’ll use all the fuel and wait for rescue out system if needed. Elren, what’s going on over there?
Winn Ellteb -Impact in 30 seconds.
Elren Adler – Waitnomovementdocking
Eric Quinn – Elren, repeat, you’re unreadable
Elren Adler – Wait… no… movement… docking screeching sound
AI Clarke’s Endeavour – Captain, voice recognition of Elren Adler indicates editing of voice loop. Advise caution, that is not Elren Adler.
Winn Ellteb -Impact in 10 seconds. Can’t evade Eric, brace for impact.
Elren Adler – click Ourmysteriousfriends… docking

Clarke's Crew Logs

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