There are a number of political factions and governments in transhuman space. The main power players are listed below:

Planetary Consortium
Ultra capitalists who provide free and fair democracy for all citizens -up to a point. The Consortium is made up of a number of allied Hypercorporations, who’s representatives sit in government near Mars. Heavily reliant on the old economy of currency and finite resources, the Consortium is never the less the pre-eminant power in the Sol System and beyond. With access to Mars, Pandora Gates and the ingenuity that only profit can drive, many see the Planetary Consortium as the future and savior of transhumanity.

Autonomist Alliance
Made up of several different societies in the Outer System (being those habitats beyond Jupiter), the Autonomists have banded together due to the threat the Planetary Consortium and Jovian Republic pose to their way of life. Many believe in true individual freedom, the ability and right of one’s self to experiment with their body and technology. AI’s and AGI’s (Artificial General Intelligences) are common, and many have the same rights as any other citizen. Autonomists are generally users of the new ‘reputation’ economy, following the introduction of cornucopia machines and nano-fabricators.

Jovian Republic
The Military Government of Jupiter and the surrounding system, the Jovians are bioconservatives whom refuse the latest technologies for fear of loosing what makes them human and bringing down another Fall. Pity they live in one of the most irradiated and hostile areas of the Sol System. Some fancy post-Fall medical tech might have helped them, but that would involve the Republic bringing down its large censorship and propaganda machine, think of all those unemployed secret police agents. Oh well, maybe all that military firepower keeps them comfy.

Lunar-Lagrange Alliance
A loose alliance of habitats orbiting Earth, Luna and based on Luna itself, the LLA is often seen as conservative, old-fashioned, and too caught up romanticizing the past from when its members were major power players. Now many members of the alliance seek to bring the LLA to the glory it deserves. A major financial hub due to the Lunar Banking Consortiums, and still bearing more than its fair share of refugees from the Fall, there are simmering tensions and undercurrents of power within the LLA.

Morningstar Constellation
A conferderation of aerostats (floating city-like structures in the Venusian atmosphere), the Morningstar Constellation has only recently been formed after formally voting for independence from the Planetary Consortium. Rich in resources from the surface of Venus, and with plenty of space for expansion thanks to cheap refugee labor and construction of more aerostats to house the growing population, the Constellation has the potential to become the new and future power bloc -but only if it gets its act together before the Planetary Consortium starts sending Stellar Intelligence agents to destablize them and reclaim what was once its property.


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