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Welcome to the Black Swan Theory Wiki

Here you’ll find information on the various factions, locations and other elements that make up the Eclipse Phase universe. Some information comes from the creators of Eclipse Phase (Posthuman Studios) while other information is my own.

Want to know just how humanity took its first steps into space and how it became ‘trans’ human? Look right here.

Information about the various politico and power blocs of the Solar System, their ambitions, goals and methods to achieve supremacy or simply continue their way of life in the face of opposition.

Other Players
Not every power is a faction, but may be notable nevertheless. The xenos known as the ‘Factors’, Faldon Incorporated, and defunct organisations all still live and operate in transhuman space. This is where you’ll find some more information on them.

The system is a big place (even bigger once you factor in the extra-solar worlds).

What’s a railgun? How do people move around when you’re restricted to slower than light travel, and if you do want to move faster how can you do it? This section covers a few of the key technological marvels of a post tech singluarity universe.

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