Metternick Station

Metternick Station is orbital station placed above Venus. It is of an axial Stanford torus design, being 12 kilometers in diameter and constructed around a spoked axial hub. The station itself is rotated in order to generate gravity (roughly equivalent to 1G at the outer most areas). It size allows for a population of over 50,000 sleeves (bodies), however its current population is much lower.

Metternick station stanford torus external view by don davis ac76 0525

The station was constructed by Faldon Incorporated and several venture partners in order to be a staging post for mining exploration and intrasolar shipping. It operates under a charter arrangement with Venus’ newly formed government the Morningstar Constellation which provide mining rights in return for a fee and freedom from most of the Planetary Consortium’s tariffs.

Metternick station

The Station is overseen by Director Samson Rhyder and a Virtual Intelligence known as Mett.

As at AF 10, the Station is still under construction (although the super structure and primary areas are completed).

Metternick Station

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