First formed under the initial charter that established the Planetary Congress and Ministry, the Oversight Directorate for Fair and Free Markets, more commonly known as just Oversight, is meant to maintain as fair and free a market economy as possible in the Planetary Consortium.

Originally a cooperative regulatory body, scope creep has set in over the decades and Oversight’s authority and agenda has expandd well beyond its original outline. Established under the powers of the Hypercorp Council and Cabinet, accusations of preferntial treatment towards Council members meant that a hands-off policy was adopted regarding Oversight’s activities (except for picking the General Secretary). As with any government department lacking scrutiny, its size has grown to such an extent that Oversight now has a very sizeable budget (doubling every year for the past decade) for what was only intended at the beginning to be an investigative agency for market fraud.


Oversight’s activities can be broken into a few different areas.

The first is analysis and forecasting. This involves specialised data analysis of market activities. Should an anomaly be detected, an investigative team is dispatched. By Consortium law, Oversight forecasts are released to all hypercorp members after 90 days.

The second realm of Oversight is ongoing investigation of personal and hypercorp financial irregularities. These ‘auditors’ are trained to undertake suveillance, infiltration, social engineering, even psychosurgery. All to be expected in a fully commercialised world of capitalism run rampant.

Lastly, Oversight has spread into an intelligence and threat elimination branch for the Consortium. Taking its role to preserve stability, black ops work is no longer unusual for Overight. It has been known to suspend immigration into Consortium habitats and space, interrogate known and suspected criminals, even to detain individuals without charge.


The General Secretary of Oversight is Gia Norne. Appointed in AF 5, Norne has worked hard to transform Oversight and shift it further towards a State Security Directorate. It is rumored that Norne has her own personal agenda against autonomists and those who have crossed her have been blackmailed into submission or removed from political power through leaking of sensitive information.


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