Pandora Gate Primer Video

An augmented reality play-back discovered by Hank and his team in exploring the Clarke’s Endeavour

Sounds fills the air of people moving around and talking, suddenly a man enters the room. He is dressed in a non-descript corporate uniform, he face is a text book example of sculptured features, carefully designed to appeal slightly to most standard races and socio-economic groups without being threatening or arrogant, designed to instil trust in a purely artificial creation.

“It’s good of you to come, today we will be covering Pandora Gate Travel basics. This training session will take approximately 2 hours, with a 10 minute break in between. As you are aware, the Pandora Gates were discovered some years ago soon After Fall, the first was discovered on their name sake: Saturn’s moon ‘Pandora’. This was a watershed moment for transhuman history but raised several questions as to its origin. Certainly the gates (and more have since been discovered) are artificial in origin but are they relics of the TITANs? Or extraterrestrial in origin? Their technology far surpasses our own, we cannot even begin to explain how the gates allow what is instantaneous travel between gates across extrasolar system, and while the cordon of Earth during the Fall meant much TITAN evolution was unknown, some gates have been found in areas where even TITAN activity had not been identified at least at the time."

Suddenly a simplified map of the Solar System appears around the room. The man continues to speak while pointing to locations where markers appear on the map with explanatory text.

“The five Pandora Gates within our solar system, their locations and controlling entities, include:
Vulcanoid Gate: Caldwell (Vulcanoids) – TerraGenesis;
Martian Gate: Ma’adim Vallis (Mars) – Pathfiner/Planetary Consortium;
Pandora Gate: Pandora (Saturn system) – Gatekeeper Corp;
Fissure Gate: Uranus – Love and Rage Collective/Anarchists; and
Discord Gate: Eris (Kuiper Belt) – Go-nin Group/Ultimates”

The man continues on explaining the vast amount of knowledge that is NOT known about the gates, it is evident this is a training or education program.

Pandora Gate Primer Video

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